Volunteering is critically important to your child’s success in school.  Volunteering shows your child that you believe their education is important, it gives you an opportunity to engage with them about school, and it helps the school deliver the experiences your child enjoys.  

Like many of the current volunteers, you may work long hours.  The message your kids get from knowing you work long hours and still make time for their school is incredibly powerful and will not be lost on them.  The pride a child takes telling their friends that, “My dad helped do that,” or “My mom did that,” helps them form a positive image of themselves.

To accommodate your schedule there are a variety of volunteer opportunities.

  • Short-term opportunities
    • Volunteer to help at a few events.  These are usually in the evening and require little or no additional time outside of the specific hours you volunteer.
  • Before or After school activities
    • There is always a need for people to help supervise students, make copies, help teachers complete their grant forms, or help prepare for events either before or after school.  Before school is a great way to volunteer 20 minutes a day before work.
  • Off-campus activities
    • Many activities do not require you to be on-campus at all.  Sending calendar reminders, coordinating programs, filling out grant forms, updating the web site, working on yearbook pages, and many other tasks can easily be done from the comfort of your home.
  • On-campus activities
    • Many volunteer activities are on-campus, working with children.  If you are planning on volunteering during the school day, you will need to become a “cleared volunteer.” To become a cleared volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application and return it to the office (hard copies are available in the office). In addition to the application, volunteers will need to provide proof of a negative TB test, or if deemed low risk you might qualify to have the test waived, and instead complete a TB questionnaire with the Sandburg Nurse. **Note, a new application is required for every school year.**
  • Specialized opportunities

Have specialized skills for contract review, website design, accounting, graphic design, cool science, or other?  Please contact us at volunteer@sandburgfoundation.org or complete the form below to let us know how you can help.