Clubs & Groups

Running/Walking Club

The Foundation continues to support the schools running club by funding the student incentives and supplies. The purpose of the Sandburg Running and Walking Club is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. It also gives students an opportunity to meet other students in the school, and interact with their friends in a fun, healthy environment. The club also offers a chance for students to boost their self-esteem as they achieve their mileage goals. For information about Sandburg’s running club, send email to or visit us any school morning at 7:25 on the field.

Gardening and Grounds Club

The Sandburg Gardening and Grounds Club complements the districts efforts to maintain green spaces and facilities at Sandburg, create specific developmental opportunities (e.g., sensory garden, butterfly garden, growing vegetables, etc.) and provide opportunities for Sandburg students and parents to take pride in our school.


The purpose of the Sandburg Yearbook Committee is to create a record of each school year for students, faculty, and parents. The Yearbook Committee also shares photos and video of events throughout the year.  The yearbook committee also gives parents [and kids] the opportunity to express their creativity by photo-documenting, editing, and producing a yearbook. We are extremely protective of our kid’s privacy and work to ensure that photos are only shared with parents.