Attitude of Gratitude

How do you thank the people that have spent years volunteering, creating some of the amazing programs our students enjoy every day and supporting our students in more ways than we can count?

Ali Coleman, Fred Franke, Andy Nguyen, Miriam Clay, and Linh Tran Yandall all pictured with their now 5th grade children.

For those of you who have worked with any of these amazing people, we ask you to join us in giving thanks for their time, their efforts, and their love. Fellow parents and students, alike, please send your messages of gratitude to be posted below. This will be the digital yearbook we can all sign.

Your Messages…

Ali Coleman – The first time I met Ali was at a foundation meeting, that frankly felt very “official” and overwhelming for a new parent.  She was warm and friendly, and spoke freely in a way that made everything feel more approachable. Watching her for the following few years, it was clear that she was a major force behind in most of the enrichment opportunities available to our kids and I’ve always appreciated how she solves problems, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  I appreciate her example, and will miss her greatly!  Good thing Mira Mesa is small, and I can look forward to running into her at Sprouts. 🙂

Fred Franke – Fred’s voice = Sandburg.  I don’t know how we will do it without him… I’m so appreciative of all the times he emceed the fall carnival and jogathon, and all of the energy he added to every event that he was a part of.  He was always quick to help with construction related projects, also like getting lights on the grassy hill for events.  We’ll all miss seeing you and hearing your voice on the mic…

Andy Nguyen – Andy has filled gaps most people will never even know existed… he’s organized closets, and watered plants along with a million other details that have kept things running smoothly.  He also cracks a good joke! 🙂  We’re going to miss you, Andy!

Miriam Clay – Miriam has done a stellar job of running the spirit gear, and dealing with all of the bumps that inevitably come up with that whole process.  I have always appreciated the canada booth at the multicultural fair, also and am so sad we didn’t get to experience it one last time this year… thank you, Miriam for always doing your part plus more to make Sandburg special and give our kids the best.

Linh Tran Yandall – Linh has added so much fun and “cool factor” to our events.  She didn’t hesitate to agree to lead a line dance at fall carnival when I asked her (and when most people would have run in the opposite direction!) as well as leading warm ups at jogathon.  She has been such an important piece of the Sandburg puzzle!  On a personal note, she coaches my daughter’s gymnastics class and really cares about her as a person and her success.  She’s just the kind of person who makes everything she touches better.  Thank you, Linh.  I will miss you at school, but glad I’ll still see you at Zara’s class. 🙂

Rachel Tagliareni

Dear Graduating Sandburg Parents - 
Thank you for making my time at Sandburg so far so amazing!

Ms. Ali - Thank you for laying the "Foundation" for such an awesome school community.

Mr. Fred - Thank you for motivating me to move my butt!

Ms. Linh - Thanks for being my dance partner.

Ms. Miriam - Thank you for making sure I have plenty of gear to show my school spirit!

Mr. Andy - Thanks for making sure I have plenty of photos to remember all the special moments.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Juliette Wheeler (and my parents, AJ and Matt too)

Ali–Well I know I’ll be seeing your around the ‘hood’! Thank you for pushing me to get involved at Sandburg and inviting me to my first PTA meeting 6 years ago! Sandburg is going to miss your expertise and experience in decision making. Your creativity and leadership with Jog-A-Thon will truly be missed. Thank you for being a part of the founding team that brought the Foundation to campus! You are a true leader and I will miss having you on campus. Rest assured, you didn’t know this, but you are on a retainer for consult as long as I am still at Sandburg!!  😉 

Fred & Lucia–I am so glad that Sandburg brought our families together! It has been so much fun working beside you both for the last 6 years! And then we added Cub Scouts to the mix AND family, desert camping trips! Fred thank you for always stepping up to take the mic at any of our many events! Your voice is one that the kiddos will truly miss! Thank you both for accepting my plea to head up the Running and Walking Club when I took on the role of PTO President. How many marathons have you both run? LOTS I bet!? Thank you so much for all of your service at Sandburg and both of your presence will be greatly missed. I am happy to know that our friendship will continue! I can’t wait for our next off-road outing!! 

Mr. Andy–I will truly miss seeing you around campus since Alina and Ryan started Kinder together! 🙁 Thank you for always stepping up and taking on all sorts of random tasks all over school. Thank you for all your years of service to make sure all our Tigers have an amazing Sandburg experience!!  

Miss Linh–Our very own “Dancing Queen”!! Thank you for taking on and choreographing all the Jog-A-Thon warm up dances. Your enthusiasm, rhythm, and smiles do not go unseen! Sandburg community will miss you! 

Miriam– Thank you for doing such a great job with the Sandburg Spirit Gear! Thank you for serving on the Foundation board and stepping up to help with all sorts of activities at the school. Your service with a smile will be missed! 

Kristy Polk