What Sandburg Foundation Does

We raise money to give to the school in support of academic excellence and school enhancement. The Foundation hosts programs throughout the school year to allow our school to earn money. Having a Foundation allows the school access to additional unrestricted funds to assist the school.  We work with the school administration, PTO, and Dad’s club to give our students access to a well rounded educational experience.

Projects funded and/or organized by the Sandburg Foundation include:

  • Enrichment Programs
    Sandburg families and local businesses succeeded in raising enough funds from the Jog-A-Thon to fund unique learning and self-development enrichment programming for all students. In Yoga, students will learn valuable breathing and centering skills commonly used by senior corporate executives, professional athletes, and others at the top of their profession. In Computer Programming, students will learn critical logical reasoning skills required for success in all walks of life. Selected programs vary each year.
  • Enrichment Resources for Classrooms
    Funds raised by the Sandburg Community go directly to teachers for additional resources to be used to enrich learning for our students. Each year the Foundation funds field trips for students and works to bring various learning programs on campus to broaden the experience for our students.
  • Classroom Grants
    We are proud to be able to provide each classroom with a substantial monetary grant to be used independently in collaboration with their grade level. These funds can be used on instructional materials or enrichment opportunities and available at the start of the school year.
  • Running Club
    The Foundation continues to support the schools running club by funding the student incentives and supplies. The purpose of the Sandburg Running and Walking Club is to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles. It also gives students an opportunity to meet other students in the school, and interact with their friends in a fun, healthy environment. The club also offers a chance for students to boost their self esteem as they achieve their mileage goals. For information about Sandburg’s running club, send email to sandburg.foundation@gmail.com or visit us any school morning at 7:25 on the field.