School Day Events

Principal/AP Coffee Chat

An opportunity for parents to grab coffee and a donut while having a brief conversation with the principal and AP about current happenings, and how you can make this year a great one for your child.

Holiday Gift Shop

An opportunity for students to bring a few dollars to school and make their own purchases for loved ones (under the watchful eye of our volunteers).  Students buy coffee mugs, key chains, and other gifts for their family and friends on their own – definitely a learning and growing experience for your child.

Book Fair

In collaboration with Scholastic, Sandburg provides a week-long book fair where kids and parents can purchase grade-level appropriate books.  This event is a favorite among our kids.

Teacher Appreciation Week

An Attitude of Gratitude, one of the key Sandburg values.  This week is a time to say thank you to our teachers and staff for all they do for our students.  It is also an important learning experience for the kids seeing everyone take time and money to say thank you.

Career Day

This event for our upper grades gives kids a little insight into the types of jobs adults do.  Accountants, doctors, auto mechanics, scientists, active duty military, SWAT team members and many others.


A capstone event for our 5th graders, Biztown allows these students to take on various roles in an economy and see how these roles interact.


Our major fundraiser of the year and one of the most exciting days for our students.